Triin Language

When I was reading the book "The Jackal of Nar," I read about a very interesting language that was used in the book called Triin. Of course this is not a real language, but instead a madeup one from the author.

Throughtout reading The Jackal of Nar I wrote down everh word that was Triin that they gave what it meant on a peice of paper. Now, I would like to share this language below.

Triin Words:

Kalak - The Jackal

Cha Yulan - The Wolf

Kalak es Cha Yulan - The Jackal and the Wolf

Kafife - Family

"Eeasay. Nobata Kalak hoorensay." - Come. Follow me Kalak. (NDT)

"Natusa ben Dring!" - Great men of Dring!

"Utimbo toobay isa Kalak. Do toobay." - I have done may part. You must now do yours. (NDT)

Dumaka - War Master

"Kirth ata Narr" - Death to Nar

"Yulans!" - Wolves!

"Basa!" - Shields!

"Kalak! Oonal ni Kalak?" - The Jackal! Where is The Jackal?"

"Gomin easa ar, Kalak" - Come with me, Jackal (NDT)

Shay sar - Thank you

"Kalak oahnal benagray" - Kalak is brave, but stupid (NDT)

"Coala con, Kalak" - We are done, Jackal

NDT = Not Direct Translation

If there is no words in ( ) after the translation then that means it is directly translated.

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